Mekhong - The Spirit of Thailand

The Official Spirit of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 and Sponsor of The Highest New Entry Award

Mekong, Thailand’s first and most legendary brown spirit, was introduced in 1941 and has been a domestic success story ever since, sharing its name with the Mekhong River, the life force of the Kingdom. Mekhong is Thailand’s most beloved spirit, inspired by national pride since World War II.

The classic taste of Thailand, Mekhong is traditionally distilled from molasses and high quality glutinous rice, then artfully blended with a secret recipe of natural Thai herbs and spices. With its complex yet smooth aroma and inviting taste, it can be enjoyed straight, with a mixer or in cocktails such as Mekhong Thai Sabai, the signature drink of Thailand, reflecting the most outstanding Thai traits. A concoction of Mekhong, lime juice, sugar syrup and sweet basil, the cocktail is as refreshing as it sounds.

What’s more, Mekhong perfectly complements Thai cuisine. The outstanding feature of Thai cuisine lies in its smooth combination of flavours. Served with Mekhong cocktails, the pairing of sour, sweet, rich, salty and spicy tastes significantly elevate each other. Thai herbs are Thailand’s utmost pride; they give both dishes and cocktails soothing and pleasing flavours while providing great nutrients for the body. Here, Thai food is categorised according to how it’s prepared: Yum (spicy salad), Kaeng (curry – with or without coconut milk), Tod (fried), Pad (stir-fried), Yang (grilled). Mekhong cocktails can be created to perfectly complement these five categories of Thai Food.

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