Meet the Bund


Rediscovering the roots of Fujian cuisine

Meet the Bund

On the Pass

Zhiping Chen

Conventional and contemporary: In both venue aesthetic and menu design, Meet the Bund’s concept hones in on the idea of concurrently upholding tradition while striving for innovation. This translates to a modern interpretation of customary Fujian elements – be it anything from signature plates rooted in archetypal regional dishes to brick red décor representing the indigenous Minnan houses of southern Fujian juxtaposed against a sprawling view across Shanghai’s iconic skyline.

Why Fujianese cuisine? As one of China’s eight ancient culinary traditions, Fujian cuisine focuses on emphasising rather than disguising the bona fide flavors of key proteins and produce. Famed for being simultaneously light yet layered in flavor, Meet the Bund aims to propel this coastal region’s cultural heritage onto the world stage.

Sustainability as a core tenet: The venue’s signature dish – Buddha Jumps Over the Wall – embodies the restaurant’s ethos of ‘developing sustainably’ by replacing the outdated use of shark’s fin with a collagen-rich medley of fish maw and Australian sea cucumber to achieve the same coveted result: a soup as clear as tea yet as slickly viscous as the original.

Chef stats: Fujian-native head chef Chen Zhiping began his 16-year culinary career by studying under master Fujianese chef Wu Rong. He later joined the prestigious Yanyu kitchen team in Xiamen, the only Fujianese restaurant group to receive a Michelin star in China. In 2019, he helped open Meet the Bund, an official debut of the first Fujianese fine dining restaurant in Shanghai.


S301, 3F, South Mall, The Bund Finance Center, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Road, Shanghai

+86 21 6377 7668