Burnt Ends


The evolution of Australian barbecue

Burnt Ends

On the Pass

Dave Pynt

Pastry Chef

Bastien Jarry

The new space: After closing in its original location in late 2021, Burnt Ends moved into a new spot on Dempsey Hill, taking over an entire building to house all its multiple concepts under one roof: bakery, wine cellar, cocktail bar, main restaurant, as well as a swanky new private dining room.

Who’s at the helm: Chef Dave Pynt remains in charge, but works closely with executive chef Patrick Leano to ensure that new dishes are always being put on the menu with the Burnt Ends DNA. All the food is usually kissed by the flame, whether it is directly from the grill or from oven pit with burning logs. With Chef Leano’s Filipino heritage, you’ll see some Asian sauces and flavours make their way into the menu.

What to order: Many of the original Burnt Ends classics are still on offrer such as the Grissini and Taramasalata, or the Burnt Ends Sanger (pulled pork burger), but there are always daily specials that you should check, as these are usually very seasonal items that get sold out quickly. When in doubt, simply let the restaurant give you the ‘omakase’ experience and let the team plan out the menu for you.

Can’t get a reservation? Although the new space is significantly bigger than the previous location, seats are Burnt Ends are still pretty hard to come by; but fret not, because it is easier to get a reservation at the bar. Here, you can sample unique cocktails alongside a substantial food menu, including some items that are served in the main restaurant.