Bespoke, communal dining from a reborn Fukuoka institution


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Goh Fukuyama

What’s the story? After working his way up the restaurants ladder in his hometown of Fukuoka, chef Takeshi Fukuyama opened his first solo venture in 2002: La Maison de la Nature Goh. This French-inflected restaurant utilised the very best of local Japanese ingredients and rose to become one of the country’s most awarded restaurants, ranked at No.36 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022. Fukuyama closed La Maison’s doors later that year to rethink its culinary concept and start building Goh.

Goh reborn: Where the experience at La Maison was centred around its counter to create a connection between the chefs and the guests, the new space changed tack, opting for a single 10-seat table instead. In this communal dining concept, guests are encouraged to connect with each other, while retaining their front row seats for the exquisite bites being created in the open kitchen.

And the food? Despite the innately Japanese execution and presentation, traces of Goh’s predecessor remain at this new restaurant with French motifs permeating its menu, as seen in a dish of rice crab bouillabaisse. Courses pivot depending on the produce of the day and the seasons, but one thing never changes: Fukuyama’s masterful blend of international cuisines.

Good neighbour: Alongside the launch of Goh in 2023, Fukuyama also opened a new restaurant in collaboration with long-time industry ally Gaggan Anand. Located within the same striking 010 Building as Fukuyama’s flagship, GohGan delivers an entirely different concept, housing 54 seats and an à la carte menu that combines Indian, Japanese and French culinary influences.


812-0018 3F 010BUILDING 1-4-17 Sumiyoshi Hakataku Fukuoka city Fukuoka Japan

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