Ling Long


Equal parts thought-provoking and playful contemporary Chinese dining

Ling Long

On the Pass

Jason Liu

Pastry Chef

Eleven Li

First impressions: There are white tablecloths, avant-garde Chinese art-decorated walls in crimson and onyx hues, and gloved service, yet Ling Long diverges from the modern Chinese fine dining trend in that the meal follows a whimsical path, leading guests further down the (white) rabbit hole. The level of tongue-in-cheek eccentrics build throughout, resulting in each course more imaginative than the last. 

What is ‘xian’: The ever-changing set menu orbits around the concept of umami – or xian in Chinese. The aim is to re-create a cross-China journey over eight courses, pulling inspiration from regional tastes.

Playful pairings: A cohesively designed experience that is at once nostalgic and ingenious, the menu weaves through pairings like flash-fried Taizhou rockfish in a lip-tingling mala Sichuan broth sipped alongside spontaneously fermented Cantillon gueuze – a union that is separate from a late-night Chengdu curbside street snack, but still very much a part of it. Or bouncy fish maw “mac’n’cheese” – a velvety aged parmesan sauce laced with majiagou celery, pudgy sticky rice gnocchi, and a nip of 20-year aged chengpi matched with 30-year-barrel-aged rice wine – robustly floral yet clean.

Chef CV: Humble and soft-spoken, executive chef and partner Jason Liu has more than 10 years of culinary experience under his belt (despite being in his late twenties). At sixteen, he began at Grand Hyatt Taipei, working up the ranks while simultaneously attending Taiwan Kai-Ping Culinary School. He cut his teeth at Taipei's Café Bellini Dunnan, Paris 1930, and at Bistro 3 as the chef and owner, before opening Ling Long Beijing in 2019 and eventually Ling Long Shanghai in March 2023.


57 Shanxi Rd (S), Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai, China, 200041

+86 21 5172 2856 Visit Ling Long on Instagram