Bar Cham


Tucked away in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Seoul, Bar Cham is set in a hanok, or a traditional Korean house, which hints at what is to come. Helmed by Lim “BJ” Byung-jin, Cham offers cocktails based on Korean spirits, melding local flavours with modern techniques. You can expect a deep dive into native alcohols, with products sourced from all over the provinces of South Korea. Case in point, they use a craft soju plus bitters made from local roots for their version of a subtly spiced Negroni. Other cocktails, such as the Wonju, meld Korean drinks traditionalism with new-world vision, pairing mowolin – a distillate made using local organic rice – with mezcal, corn cream, corn silk, black pepper and egg yolk. By the way, ‘Cham’ means ‘oak’ in Korean, which is heavily featured in the decor of this intimate venue.


34 Jahamun-ro 7-gil, Tongin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

+82 2-6402-4750 Visit Bar Cham on Instagram