Hope & Sesame


50Best Accolades
  • The Best Bar in Mainland China 2024, sponsored by Matusalem

In a quaint neighbourhood lined with eccentric Cantonese collectable and curio shops sits a humble cha chaan teng (Cantonese casual eatery), behind which lies an illustrious hidden saloon lies – one that is easy to miss but hard to leave. Opening in 2016 as the first speakeasy in southern China, Hope & Sesame brings far-reaching techniques (centrifugal clarification, sous vide infusions, slow cooking and rotary distillation) to a bar scene that previously stuck to the traditional. It’s an ethos that has afforded this haunt a spot on the Asia’s 50 Best Bar list for five consecutive years, as well as the title of The Best Bar in Mainland China in 2024, sponsored by Matusalem.

A testing ground for innovation, previous menu renditions – such as The Kitchen Pantry – drew inspiration from a global selection of lesser-known condiments, sauces and spices, while the most recent roster – To the Flavours – allows guests to embark on a quest to uncover the tastiest tipples. Think Truffle Banana – a spiced and buttery banana bread liqueur shaken with fermented banana distillate, black truffle honey and an applewood-smoked sticky rice wine for layers of rich complexity, or the eyebrow-raising Taro Aviation – with roasted and distilled purple sweet potatoes, clarified coconut milk and a house-made whey cream cheese and purple potato pudding topper.