The Old Man

Hong Kong


Hidden down an unassuming set of stairs in Hong Kong’s Soho, The Old Man pays homage to infamous scribe and imbiber Ernest Hemingway, taking its name from his novel The Old Man and the Sea. A mural dedicated to the author is the one of the bar’s main features, made from upcycled materials that otherwise would’ve been scrapped when the bar was built. The capital-I shaped bar allows guests to sit or stand wherever they want – including up close to the bartending action.

A freezing strip designed for guests to place their cocktails on in lieu of coasters – to keep drinks icy cold – paves the way for cocktails named after Hemingway’s works, using modernist culinary techniques. The Doomsday cocktail from the ‘Old But Gold’ section of the menu is a mini lights show with its flammable garnish, with sandalwood aromas, vetiver rye, jasmine and grapefruit. The former Best Bar in Asia – a title it won 2019 – is still one of the best places to sip on innovative drinks in Hong Kong.