Michter's Art of Hospitality Award 2023

Michters Art of Hospitality Award 2023

Tres Monos

Buenos Aires

The three-pronged bar delivering service with heaps of character

For Tres Monos, three is truly proving to be the magic number. With three partners at the helm (Charly Aguinsky, Sebastián Atienza and Gustavo Vocke), three concepts under one roof (a bar, a studio and a consultancy), and three monkeys as its logo, the drinkery is experiencing meteoric success – now adding the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award 2023 to its growing list of accolades.

Far from being a traditional bar, Tres Monos delivers outstanding service in its own unique way. Decorated with graffiti and neon lights – including a cheeky middle finger above the bar – its vibe is cool, relaxed and underground. But the casual façade belies a team that is passionately committed to delivering an outstanding cocktail experience, be it via their own hospitality, their seasonal cocktails or the bar’s initiatives involving the community.

With an average age of 23, the team is as approachable as it is committed, led by head bartender Lucila Calichio and bar manager Sofia Miró. Every day, they welcome guests with wide smiles, a glass of water and a welcome shot of punch that has become a Tres Monos signature. Behind the scenes, there is a strong focus on employee wellbeing and satisfaction, resulting in a crew that wants to go above and beyond to make patrons feel welcome – and to have them come back time and time again.

The bar’s seasonal drinks list lends itself well to this objective, offering something new to regular guests every few months. The cocktails focus on Argentine ingredients injected with a big dose of creativity, featuring plenty of colour and no garnishes – the bar would rather blow its guests’ minds with flavour rather than presentation. Many components are also made in-house, for instance in the El Magic, which features bitters and three homemade liqueurs: gin, orange and coffee.

Beyond the walls of the bar, Tres Monos also runs a cocktail school and hosts free bartending workshops in Barrio Múgica, a former shanty town. Here, the bar team extend its hospitality to those with less resources in Buenos Aires and a few of the graduates have already been employed at Tres Monos.

With plenty of individual character and a rock & roll spirit, Tres Monos’ new benchmark for service is set to make its impact at the global level with the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award 2023.

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