If one were to distil and bottle the essence of Oaxaca, it would taste like a Selva cocktail. The bar’s mid-century modern decor is offset by selva and agave plants outside and painted onto the stuccoed walls, with elements of indigenous art complementing the design. Under beverage director Alexandra Purcaru, the establishment also aims to celebrate local flora and fauna in the glass. Each item celebrates a different market, plant or community found within the region, such as the signature Selva (mezcal, hoja santa, lemon, agave honey, chilli liquor, quesillo and basil, juniper bitters).

Executive chef Chazz Titus’ food offering is worth the trip unto itself. Selva’s menu pays tribute to world explorer Alexander Humbolt, who referred to the climate as the key to understanding the world’s diversity. Fresh ingredients and unique combinations shine on the seafood-oriented menu through dishes like its tuna tartare with avocado, sesame and soja (soybeans). The kitchen also offers a large selection of vegetarian options, including exemplary plates of tempura-fried huauzontles, stuffed with fresh Oaxacan cheese.

Regardless of one’s preferences, Selva offers an oasis of genuine Oaxacan hospitality, from the beautiful, feline-filled courtyard to the team’s cat-like instincts for the perfect drink.


C. Macedonio Alcalá #403-int. 6, Ruta Independencia, Centro, Oaxaca, 68000

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