The Dead Rabbit

New York City

Named The World’s Best Bar in 2016, this FiDi hotspot touts itself as the world’s most awarded pub, and with good reason. This NYC institution almost singlehandedly changed perceptions around the limits of an Irish pub, offering groundbreaking concoctions within the classic jovial atmosphere that made the watering holes so beloved around the world.

Street level in the Taproom, the vibe is that of a popular, crowded neighbourhood bar, where Guinness is poured with perfect domes and one of NYC’s finest Irish Coffees are served aplenty. However, ascend its flight of stairs and one enters the The Parlor: a lounge space devoted to the cocktail list that gave rise to the unparalleled talents of head bartender Ian Alexander and his team. The list, split into two sections titled Éire (Ireland) and Domhan (World), skews towards punches, highballs and classic cocktails. Don't miss the modern classics including the Cottontail (Irish whiskey, Scotch, ginger, dandelion, citrus) and the Commissary (Irish Vodka, pear, heirloom apples, meadowsweet, lemon). Despite its extensive list of accolades, The Dead Rabbit team is keen to share their expertise through guides and manuals promising 'Secret Recipes and Barroom Tales', which are available in their shop. Plans to expand to Austin and New Orleans in the autumn and winter of 2023, respectively, are also well afoot. But start with the Irish Coffee before all that.