Death & Co (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles

The second iteration of the original Denver cocktail institution, Death & Co’s outpost on the Golden Coast has developed a well-deserved reputation of its own for its refined cocktails in a speakeasy setting.

Away from the open and airy spaces of its siblings, an evening in the LA outpost’s moodily-lit subterranean lounge feels exclusive and intimate. Its extensive, multi-sectioned menu features over 25 cocktails – complete with an illustration of its glass next to each one – and is tailored to serve customers’ mood of the moment, from Light and Playful to Boozy and Honest and even Bright and Confident. A dozen French and Californian wines are also available to pour, as are beers on tap from all over the world. The bar by Proprietors, LLC also features a food menu for your snacking needs, from citrus-marinated olives to hot honey-smothered fried chicken.