Employees Only

New York City

EO was a classic from the moment it opened the doors in 2004. Some 18 years later, the art deco cocktail destination has lost none of the lustre that inspired a generation of imitators. Walking past the tarot card reader in the foyer, one emerges into a buzzing dinner club, teleported from the 1920s.

However, the real show is behind the bar. White-jacketed bartenders perform their work up high, free-pouring Golden Age cocktails with aplomb. Head bartender Frank Maldonado’s current list includes EO’s beloved modern creations such as the Ginger Smash (muddled ginger root and fresh pineapple, shaken with rum, apple liqueur, Maraschino, fresh lemon juice). However, EO’s true signatures are perfectly mixed Manhattans and Martinis. Those preferring their spirits neat will discover a world class list of rare whiskeys. The room is busy at all times and sipping amongst the sleek crowd, one is treated to a brief flash of vintage Hollywood via this perfectly preserved time capsule. The food offerings are also classic, delivering dishes like oysters, bone marrow poppers and an excellent ribeye. Insiders know that the classic is EO snack is the off-menu ‘Sober Up Soup’ served gratis right before closing.