Handshake Speakeasy

Mexico City

  • The Best Bar in Mexico 2023, sponsored by Bareksten

Hidden behind an enigmatic door in Colonia Juarez, whose only sign is the number '13', one finds Handshake Speakeasy. Copper arches frame the backbar and the long, marble bar sits in front like an altar to the cocktail. Amidst these retro environs, bar director Eric Van Beek crafted a thoroughly modern programme. Many of the maestro’s creations look simple enough, but upon sipping, one is treated to an explosion of unexpected flavours. The surprising results are achieved through extensive work in the lab, clarifying juices, creating new syrups and infusing cordials.

The magic is evident in the latest touch of genius, its Banana Split cocktail. A banana-flavoured drink with utterly perfect balance, mixes bourbon, banana liqueur and a blend of sherries to create a drink that is fresh, light and not too sweet. On the more traditional side, the massive spirits list is a collection of rare bottles, many scores of years’ old. All of these bottles are also available mixed into premium cocktails. An all-star staff ensures that navigating these options is a pleasure – like every visit to Handshake.

Handshake Speakeasy is again named The Best Bar in Mexico 2023, sponsored by Bareksten.