Hanky Panky

Mexico City

On a dark street corner in Mexico City’s hip Roma neighbourhood lies one of the city’s best corner food shops. While passersby munch on tortas, guests lucky enough to have a reservation are escorted into the store’s storage closet. Behind the stacks of paper goods, a secret door opens to reveal one of CDMX’s most beautiful spaces. Plush, red leather banquettes, a long marble bar and an extremely warm welcome make each and every guest feel like a VIP in this hidden bar.
Bar manager Gina Barbachano and head bartender Ismael Martínez present a cocktail programme that showcases the team’s deep knowledge of Golden Era mixology, like the namesake Hanky Panky cocktail (gin, sweet vermouth, Italian digestif). However, the duo really shine when riffing on the classics with the addition of housemade cordials and local favourites. The speakeasy's penchant for exploration birthed indulgent gems like the Rizzo (15-year-old rum, mezcal, chocolate bitter, coconut and herbs cordial) and Under the Volcano (23-year-old rum, mezcal infused with epazote, bitter fusetti and sweet vermouth). The combo of stylish crowd, luxurious decor and masterful drinks allow guests of this speakeasy to all rest easy; the elite staff will take care of the rest.