Hanky Panky

Mexico City

On a dark street corner in hip Juárez neighbourhood lies a Oaxacan style traditional fonda. While regulars tuck into tacos and tlayudas, guests lucky enough to have a reservation are escorted into the back of the kitchen, where a secret door opens to reveal Mexico City’s first true speakeasy.

Bar manager Gina Barbachano and head bartender Ismael Martínez present a cocktail programme that showcases the team’s deep knowledge of Golden Era mixology, like the namesake Hanky Panky cocktail (gin, sweet vermouth, Italian digestif). However, for its Passport Menu, the creative team found inspiration in their trips around the world and the bartenders from iconic bars who became beloved friends on the way. A good example is the Tiger Punch, a complex coconut-based milk punch made with rum, amaretto, sriracha, black tea, black pepper, red pepper, cardamom, clove, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, lime, and lemon, inspired by India. The combo of stylish crowd, luxurious decor and masterful drinks allow guests of this classic gem to all rest easy; the elite staff will take care of the rest.