Maison Premiere

New York

Maison Premiere offers an immersive trip into New Orleans’ gilded age with a distinctly New York twist. The Brooklyn bar space evokes the Crescent City with ceiling fans, a large marble bar and a replica of a historic Bourbon Street absinthe fountain. The menu sticks to the theme featuring interpretations of New Orleans classics like the Roffignac (Armagnac, raspberry eau de vie, raspberry shrub) as well as many of the city’s adopted Caribbean classics.

Appropriately, Maison Premiere also touts one of New York’s finest oyster menus along with a good selection of crudo and caviar. Plus, the absinthe programme is indisputably the city’s finest – replete with vintage silver service. The impressive drinks list is bolstered by excellent service and presentation. Sharply dressed staff are always on hand to provide even the most obscure fact. Some drinks are presented tableside, like the Old King Cole Martini, an elevation of gin, vermouth and orange bitters (caviar optional) transformed into grand theatre. Prime seats for the performance are located in Maison Premiere’s picturesque garden space. Evocative of a French Quarter Courtyard, one will find a piece of the Big Easy in the Big Apple.