Katana Kitten

New York

Katana Kitten, iconic bartender Masahiro Urushido’s temple of hospitality, is a destination for cocktail aficionados and industry insiders alike. Descending an innocuous set of stairs, one is transported from the streets of New York into an izakaya melding Japanese pop and punk. Urushido’s drink list offers standards from his native Japan, like a Highball (Japanese whisky, lemon oil, koume) alongside modern creations like the Panda Fizz (vodka, pear brandy, calpico, lemon, pandan, lava salt). The light food menu also finds inspiration in Asia with dishes like Nori Fries and Cucumber Salad (Japanese cucumbers, carrot, purple daikon, wakame, miso lime vin, lotus chips). However, the greatest manifestation of Katana’s Japanese roots is the immaculate hospitality. A vigilant staff focuses on guest satisfaction and each drink is uncompromisingly mixed to perfection. In Urushido’s role as ‘director of deliciousness’, he keeps Katana Kitten focused on serving tasty Japanese riffs on classics, but hospitality is paramount.