Satan's Whiskers


Satan’s Whiskers is that rare thing in the modern bar world: a cocktail bar without a theme. No far-fetched menu concepts, no crack PR machine, just a dedication to the basics – delicious and dependable drinks, warm service and a great atmosphere – and a clientele that loves the bar for it. Between owner Kevin Armstrong, long-time bartender Daniel Waddy and bar manager Emilio de Salvo, nothing’s left to chance, but if you needed any more reassurance, just ask London’s off-shift bartenders, who’ll quite often line the bar.

As you might expect for a thematically-light bar, the decor is unassuming – exposed bricks and vintage booze posters, lit by the warm glow of gentle lighting. There’s a hum of chatter, set to the backdrop of the bar’s now-famous hip-hop playlist. The drinks are made á la minute by some of the best-trained bartenders in London and, while this is a classical bar, the cocktails are anything but dusty. With daily spins on favourite recipes using fresh ingredients, every visit is dependably Satan’s, but always that little bit different.