Little Red Door


One of the handful of venues to notch up 10 appearances in The World’s 50 Best Bars, Little Red Door doesn’t just keep its standards unimpeachably high, it reinvents itself as a matter of routine. These days this cosmopolitan nightspot, entered through a red door in the Paris district of Marais, is now a leading voice in sustainable bar practices. Its farm-to-glass model reveals how urban bars can bring producers and cocktail-makers closer together. Little Red Door’s pivot came, as for many, during the pandemic, with its first-of-a-kind menu Grounded, quickly followed by Flourish, and now 2023’s Evergreen. The latest list further sharpens the focus, featuring beautiful photography of the producers that make the ingredients which headline the cocktails. Clearly named concoctions such as Melon, Apple, Holy Basil and Olive leave no doubt where the credit lies, even if these cocktails are created with modernist techniques.