Locale Firenze


Locale Firenze is a bar, but one that has much architectural importance to its hometown. The building it inhabits is Palazzo Concini, which dates to as early as the 1200s – and it’s been flawlessly restored lending Locale Firenze an unparalleled setting. The centuries-old chandeliers, mirrors and antique furniture are juxtaposed with modern details such as green walls, hanging balloons and an impressively high bottle rack dominating the bar area. The seasonal drinks list speaks to the team's deep relationship with the ingredients they use, with a low-waste approach and lab techniques at play. Bar manager Fabio Fanni’s minimalist cocktail list features Nocciolo, a signature drink made with fruit stone homemade liquor, a blend of rum and scotch, and sweetened with sherry. The seasonal menu includes Zolfini, local bean spirit served at a room temperature, with a dorayaki-style cake, beans gelato and olive oil to freshen the palate.