The Clumsies


50Best Accolades
  • Rémy Martin Legend of The List Award 2023

The Clumsies’ setting in a grand central Athens townhouse is perfect for a bar for which owes so much of its charm to homeliness and hospitality. This bar makes as much sense as a brunch spot as it does as a wee-hours house party. Founded in 2014 by Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis, The Clumsies was an instant hit, finding its way on to the 50 Best list a year later and it has been featured ever since. Drinks here can always be counted on to be playful, but the invention isn’t beating you over the head. And while classics like the Greek-salad-in-a-glass Mediterranean Gimlet will likely never go out of style, the latest menu, Happy Accidents, may be its most ambitious to date. Try Catching a Falling Star, a take on a Spicy Margarita that includes cheddar cheese (it shouldn’t work but totally does). And that commitment to making eyebrow-raising concepts approachable is so important here, it makes The Clumsies the kind of bar where staying for one never feels like enough.