New York

Overstory literally towers above New York. Situated 64 stories above Wall Street, the swank, deco lounge and wraparound terrace offer an unparalleled view of the Gotham skyline. The cocktails are fittingly top tier. Bar director Harrison Ginsberg pays homage to the city via meticulously sourced local ingredients with an emphasis on earthy and umami flavours. The list features (literally) elevated riffs on classics like the Manhattan Deluxe (whiskey, amaro, raspberry, olive oil, cacao, salt) as well as originals like the The Last Frontier (gin, sherry, mandarin, beeswax, herbal yellow liqueur). The culinary offerings maintain the lofty standards, thanks to James Kent and Jeff Katz, the celebrated team behind sister restaurants Crown Shy and Saga. An added flourish is provided by two carefully curated lists, an elite selection of bubbles alongside a rare spirits collection focused on whiskies and agave distillates. At Overstory, both the view and the experience are sky-high.