Salmon Guru


“Salmons go against the stream,” owner Diego Cabrera likes to say, and Salmon Guru certainly did this year. With the feeling the team had pushed the previous concept (loud drinks, crazy garnishes, dragon-shaped vessels) as far as it could, Cabrera decided to temporarily close his successful bar and reinvent it. After a two-month-long refurbishment, the new Salmon Guru was unveiled. Everything still feels like the ‘old’ bar, but more focused. The refreshed Salmon, with its eye-catching aquarium-like bar room, offers cocktails inspired by the trips the staff went on while the bar was closed; their presentations are more discreet than they used to be, but the flavours are characteristically big. And one thing that hasn’t changed is the service: a past winner of the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award, Salmon Guru will still make you’ll feel like a fish in (heavily flavoured) water.