Panda & Sons



There’s nothing unusual about this place – it’s just your regular vintage barbershop-fronted speakeasy, owned by a family of pandas. Head of that family is Iain McPherson, aka The Cocktail Panda, who is the owner and creative force at the bar, alongside long-time general manager Nicky Craig. The panda theme continues as you descend the stairs to this good-time basement bar, which manages to mix vintage looks with some of the most innovative cocktails the human mind can muster. The latest menu Transcend is a seminal piece of work, bringing as it does previously unknown cocktail-making techniques into the bartending repertoire. In his off-site lab, McPherson’s experiments on flavour creation to harness the effects of sub-zero temperatures. Take in as much of the science as you like, but either way you’ll love the Coconut Daiquiri, which has seen the water removed from rum and replaced with roasted coconut water. Ingenious and delicious – that’s Panda & Sons to a tee.