Tayēr + Elementary


The creation of bartending supergroup Monica Berg and Alex Kratena, Tayēr + Elementary is more than a bar – to bartenders it represents a philosophy of bartending. From the ingredients-led seasonal cocktails to the modernist, sustainably-minded techniques that underpin them and the bespoke bar stations from which they’re served, this east London bar is progressive in everything it does. The first space you’ll step into is Elementary, the industrially styled street-side space, with a long communal table on to which comes own-label wine, beer and fast-filled glasses of twisted seasonal classics. Things change with the harvest winds, but one stalwart is the bar’s One Sip Martini – it’s the classic, miniaturised. At Tayēr, through the partition, there is a more test-kitchen sort of vibe, with lesser-known ingredients explored by lab-grade equipment to deliver new horizons in flavour.