The Cambridge Public House


New Entry

Can you combine the laid back, friendly atmosphere of the local pub with the service and proficiency of a high-end cocktail bar? The Cambridge Public House set out to answer that when it opened in the Marais district of Paris in 2019. There’s Guinness on tap, a projector for live sports and, frankly delicious, sausage rolls on the food menu, but founders Hyacinthe Lescoët and Hugo Gallou have reimagined the classic British boozer to be so much more.

Sustainability and community matter here and The Cambridge is among a very choice group of bars to publish the results of its ESG and Carbon Footprint Reports. That’s reflected on the menu too – much of it changes by the month, or even week, as produce goes in and out of season. A regular favourite, though, is the ever-evolving twist on a classic Summer Cup, now in its fifth version. Perhaps the best assessment of The Cambridge can be found in its motto, ‘tradition and transition’. It’s a bar as in love with its influences as it is with leading the way.