São Paulo, Brazil

The four elements that make up São Paulo’s Picco are cocktails, pizza, music and art – and frankly what else is there? This lively, fun space is as welcoming as it gets, with guests spilling out from the small space into a backyard that’s adorned with graffiti by São Paulo street artists. Cocktails are classic leaning, with an extensive selection on offer, and accompanied by a concise list of excellent signature drinks, all playful and accessible, such as the La Maga in Manhattan, made with bourbon and rye whiskeys, peanut butter, sweet vermouth and coriander. The pizzas are Neapolitan in style, or there’s a choice of paninis, and the venue recently added an oyster bar. As for music, there are live performances every day, spanning everything from jazz to Brazilian.

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R. Lisboa, 294, Pinheiros, São Paulo, 05413-000