Guayaquil, Ecuador

The winner of the Best Cocktail Menu Award 2022, Juliana in Guayaquil has made an international name for itself by putting Ecuadorian ingredients front and centre. In a country that holds seven per cent of the world’s biodiversity, this makes the cocktail menu an exciting exploration of the culture and traditions of the Amazon, presented via flavours like palo santo, used for ceremonial reasons, or macambo, a cacao relative. House distillates are made via rotovap using ingredients like oyster shells and sunfo (a medicinal Andean herb), a move that’s breaking new ground for bars in the region. An exceedingly friendly staff make every visit to the beautiful historic building – made up of several indoor and outdoor rooms, including one where a sweeping horizontal window offering views of the city beyond stands in for the traditional backbar – a memorable one.

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Imbabura 201, Guayaquil, 90313


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