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Casa De Cocteles Minerva

Guatemala, Guatemala

Minerva is a cerebral take on the classic cocktail bar, with each drink inspired by an event from Guatemalan history. The Anarchist blends calvados, elderberry liqueur, maraschino and green apple with sparkling water and is a tribute to Frenchman Hipólito Lambert, who was hired by 19th-century president Estrada Cabrera to thwart a rebellion. The Island meanwhile, is a mix of white rum, parfait amor, chilli, Jamaica rose, New Orleans Bitters, egg white and mandarin, and was created in memory of those excluded from a wealthy area of the Guatemalan General Cemetery in 1881. It doesn't hurt that the bar is gorgeous too, with nature-inspired murals and hanging plants.

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13 Calle A 07-19 Zona 10 Plaza Tiffany locales 7 y 8 Guatemala, Guatemala, 1010