Osaka, Japan

Classic Japanese cuisine in the kaiseki tradition of serving many small, intricate and elegant dishes in succession is the order of the day here. Situated on a narrow cobblestone street leading to the historic Hozenji Yokocho temple, Honkogetsu offers a glimpse into the Japan of yesteryear. The first-floor counter is made from a single plank of 600-year-old hinoki wood. Diners will find hanging scrolls and traditional ikebana flower displays. Tatami flooring stretches across the second and third floors. Then there's the food: sublime mouthfuls of seasonal perfection, such as ayu (sweet fish) in mugwort, charred squid legs and prawn with dried sea cucumber. Fit for a shogun.

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1 Chome-7-11 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 542-0071