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Afuri Ramen

Tokyo, Japan

The acclaimed Afuri Ramen group of restaurants takes its name from Mount Afuri in Kanagawa prefecture (south of Tokyo), where the mountain’s fresh waters are revered for their flavour-enhancing properties. Launched in 2003 in the city’s Ebisu neighbourhood, the ramen empire (which has branches as far afield as Portland, US and Lisbon, Portugal) has proven a hit for its shio (salt) ramen – which is shown off in a light chicken bone broth, the addition of yuzu citrus imbuing it with a mellow yellow hue and gentle acidity. The original shop's dining space is smart yet understated, allowing the dishes to take centre stage – along with the delicate, blue-rimmed porcelain crockery they arrive on. A must-try is the pork chashu, grilled over charcoal and served with your choice of toppings including mizuna and seaweed.

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1-1-7 117 Building 1F, Ebisu, Tokyo, 150 0013