Tokyo, Japan

Sushi aficionados won’t want to leave Tokyo without experiencing the culinary artistry on offer at Amamoto – for which you’ll need a reservation far in advance. Opening the eight-seater restaurant in 2016, Umi-trained chef-owner Masamichi Amamoto bagged two Michelin stars within six months, thanks to his meticulous seasonal sourcing and perfectionism. The building’s exterior is reminiscent of the traditional shopfronts in Gion, Kyoto, while inside, you’ll find bamboo thatch on ceilings and walls and a spectacular noren (Japanese hanging fabric divider). The menu is dependent on what catch is freshest and best, but expect delicacies such as edomae golden cuttlefish, sea eel from Tsushima and kasugodai from Izumi. With plenty of signature trademark tricks up his sleeve – adding brown sugar syrup to his shari (rice) along with the vinegar, for example, to heighten and sweeten the flavour – plus lightning-speed knife skills, watching Amamoto at work only adds to the fun.

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1 Chome-7-9 Higashiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo, 106 0044