Tokyo, Japan

Iconic Japanese beverages like sake and shochu are traditionally not mixed into cocktails, but the cunning bar staff at Folklore are forging a fresh vision for the future of Japanese mixology as they integrate these ingredients into avant-garde creations. Take, for example, a shochu martini infused with blue cheese brandy, or a margarita mixed with two types of sake in addition to the typical tequila. To create a modern minimal space that matches this mindset – a contemporary attitude with an old soul – designers Fumihiko Sano Studio sourced historic materials from different sites around Japan, including shingles and rafters from temples in Nagano and Yamagata, to build the interior space. The result is an austere atmosphere devoid of distractions, so that a reverence for the magic of the menu remains at the core of the experience.

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日比谷OKUROJI G27, 1 Chome-7-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Hibiya, Tokyo, 100-0011