100 Maneiras

Lisbon, Portugal

Serbian-born chef Ljubomir Stanisic developed his rock-star reputation with dishes that marry the fiery flavours of his homeland with Atlantic treasures. The tasting menus at his recently reopened 100 Maneiras – in Lisbon’s hip Bairro Alto district – tell the story of his journey from refugee to infamous chef. The full ‘story’ has 17 ‘moments’, broken down into foreword, chapters, afterword and conclusion, with names including ‘Feel the beet’ (beet with coriander), ‘The last supper’ (cow head, horseradish, marrow and Balkan style-bread) and ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’ (flaxseed, burned hay and almond milk). If you can’t get a seat here, try his bigger bistro a few blocks down the hill.

Key Information


Rua do Teixeira, 39, Bairro Alto, Lisbon, 1200-459 Lisboa