Bucharest, Romania

Shaking up Bucharest’s dining scene is Kaiamo, a youthful gem near Herãstrãu Park. To step within is to enter a world of contrast: traditional/modern, familiar/surprising, neon/neutral, understated/over-the-top. Chef Radu Ionescu spent seven years in London, working at the likes of Dabbous, and it shows. His goal: to flaunt the edible riches of the region, through high-end incarnations of classic, internationally influenced recipes. Swerving mediocrity, an exciting new menu is rolled out every quarter. Playful dishes, or ‘icons’ as they’re called here, might include rosy sausage and mash, edible stones from the Luncavăț river or duck with popcorn and elderflower. Presentation is up there with the best.

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Strada Ermil Pangratti 30A, Dorobanți, Bucharest, 011884


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