Choi Dot

Seoul, South Korea

Choi Hyun-seok is a huge TV personality in his native South Korea but there is more than the surface gloss of celebrity to this smart but minimally decorated dining room where the chef showcases his talent in the kitchen. The sparse decor focuses attention on the plate – initially on the beautiful crockery, and then on preparations that, while inspired by Italy, remain distinctively Korean. The chef’s Instagram handle is @crazypenne but he comes from a family of Korean chefs and while presentation might be playful – seaweed masquerading as pasta, say – flavours are the real deal. Parcels of crab meat, ricotta and truffle, for instance, might sound like ravioli but in Choi’s hands could just as well be dumplings; elsewhere, butters flavoured with soy or aged doenjang lend an Asian depth of flavour to European-style assemblies while umami is an ever-present undercurrent that keeps each mouthful as compelling as the last.

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457 Dosan-daero, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul,