Golden Tiki

Las Vegas, US

A strip mall on the road out of Vegas might not be the place you’d expect to find a world-class bar, but this Chinatown venue is well worth a trip for curiosity alone. The edge-of-town location means it’s rarely full of tourists; rather you’ll find Vegas locals (yes, they do exist!) and off-shift workers. The décor is unashamedly kitsch and applies the traditional tropes of tropical bars, replete with faux foliage, bamboo pagodas and (lots of) leopard print. Being Las Vegas, there are a bunch of electronic poker machines installed in the bar tops, too. It all might sound a little in your face and it is, but the bar is nothing but serious when it comes to the drinks. Excellent incarnations of Mai Tais, Zombies and Painkillers and a well-considered range of punches to share between groups are expertly made with lightspeed. A fun and alternative place to spend an evening in Sin City.

Key Information


3939 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, NV 89102