Bait Maryam

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It’s increasingly rare to be greeted by the head chef and owner at a restaurant, but not so at Bait Maryam, where Palestinian-Jordanian chef Salam Dakkak has intentionally created a space that feels like returning home. Bait Maryam means ‘Maryam’s house’ and is named after the chef’s mother, and diners receive a warm welcome on arrival. There is shakshuka or crispy eggs with flatbread at breakfast, then fat falafels and thick, hearty hummus or zingy salads topped with fragrant herbs and pomegranate at lunch. The food is made for sharing and the fatet Maryam muskhan – chicken, sumac and onions on a bed of garlicky yoghurt – is a signature of Salam’s, who was inspired by the way her mother would make the most of leftovers, topping the dish with fried bread instead of pita. Finish supper by feasting on crispy knafeh rolls or chocolate ‘lazy cake’, then take a Turkish coffee to the armchairs to admire the knick-knacks on the wall and hang out – just like home.

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Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai,