Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of Brazil’s most inventive makes a rollicking return to Rio


On the Pass

Alberto Landgraf

Pastry Chef

Nayara Tonani

Why it’s a must-visit: After running acclaimed restaurant Epice in São Paulo, which made him famous in the gastronomy world, Alberto Landgraf moved to Rio de Janeiro and took the time to create Oteque exactly the way he had always imagined it. From the modern décor to the open kitchen, and from the sound system to the most advanced cooking equipment, Landgraf put his personal touch on everything in the restaurant.

On the menu: Focused on local products, Landgraf's cuisine is both precise and inventive. His eight-course tasting menu features creative dishes, layers of flavours and intricate techniques, from his famous signature creations, such as the onion stuffed with uni and served with mussel cream, to a foie gras boudin that became an instant hit.

Catch of the day: Landgraf installed an aquarium in the middle of the dining room to guarantee the freshest seafood. His partnership with a local supplier also allows him to get fresher and more diverse fish, which arrive at the restaurant almost daily – one of the advantages of being on the coast. The chef also set up a menu that highlights the riches from the sea. In Rio de Janeiro, Landgraf has access to better seafood with a higher fat content, resulting in dishes that are more flavourful and with better textures.

Hotspot: Oteque has helped make the neighbourhood of Botafogo become a must-go area for those who love to eat well in Rio de Janeiro.


Rua Conde de Irajá 581, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3486-5758 Visit Oteque's Website