São Paulo

50Best Accolades
  • The Macallan Icon Award 2021

Latin America’s gastronomic icons are feeding São Paulo’s hungry


On the Pass

Rodrigo Oliveira

Pastry Chef

Alex Sotero

Popular chef-restaurateur Rodrigo Oliveira runs this Sāo Paulo speciality, serving hearty and delicious Brazilian favourites such as the cashew stew with plantain, passion fruit and gherkin, alongside with crunchy chestnut and coconut farofa. The shredded beef and red onion served with chickpea, sweet potato and roasted pumpkin is another top choice. Dining in Mocotó’s large dining room is comfortable and relaxed. Turquoise tiles adorn the walls and light spills in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The bar is set along one side, which features more than 100 types of cachaça.

During the pandemic outbreak, Oliveira and his wife Adriana Salay, food historian, educator and campaigner, set up Quebrada Alimentada, a programme serving nutritious daily lunchboxes and monthly food baskets to those in need. Their combined contribution to social initiatives in Latin America earns them The Macallan Icon Award 2021.