Costanera 700


A well-heeled Nikkei spot renowned for premium sashimi

Costanera 700

On the Pass

Yaquir Sato Matsuoka

Opened by one of Lima’s founding Nikkei chefs, Humberto Sato, Costanera 700 has spearheaded the evolution of Peruvian-Japanese cuisine in the city. Sourcing the finest Peruvian ingredients and working with classical Japanese culinary technique, the restaurant specialises in prettily plated Ikizukuri-style sashimi, but an expansive à la carte menu explores makis, ceviche and colourful tiraditos, as well as wok-cooked dishes.

Now expertly helmed by Sato’s son, Yaquir, the Miraflores restaurant is a popular dining spot in Lima’s well-heeled downtown district, with the hushed ambience and attentive service enticing presidents and royalty. Make sure to order delicate tempura and the restaurant’s trademark chita a la sal, a salt-baked Peruvian grunt fish delivered to the table in flames.