Stunning Peruvian cuisine from The World’s Best Female Chef


On the Pass

Pía León

Pastry Chef

Mónica Sánchez

After three years topping the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list with her husband and co-owner Virgilio Martínez at Central, Pía León decided to branch out with her own restaurant. Like the bright orange flower that gives the restaurant its name, Kjolle’s dishes are extremely colourful and offer a taste of ingredients from all over Peru. A nine-course chef’s menu works through sea bass with razor clams, a selection of tubers including yucca, olluco and potato, and cured duck with squid, onion and kañiwa (a grain similar to quinoa).

Kjolle is located in the same restaurant complex as Central. The open-plan dining room offers full view of León and her team in the kitchen, with all furnishings made from 100% Peruvian materials. Even the dishware is made from cedar and capirona wood sourced from the Amazon rainforest.