Narda Comedor

Buenos Aires

Argentina’s produce is put to the fore in a vegetable-forward menu

Narda Comedor

On the Pass

Narda Lepes (pictured) with Martin Sclippa

Pastry Chef

Estafania Soledad Maiorano

Narda Comedor is built around a few simple concepts: eat seasonal, drink water and try new things. With the opening of the restaurant in Buenos Aires in 2017, celebrity chef Narda Lepes wanted to show her compatriots what a healthy diet looks like, while proving that it can delight the palate and still offer nutritionally balanced bites.

The dishes give prominence to vegetables such as the beetroot salad served with pickled red onion, cranberries, crème fraiche and walnut, or the vegetable tempura with miso aioli and feta cheese. Lepes likes to know precisely where her produce comes from and vets her meat and vegetable providers to ensure they have sustainable and healthy practices in place.