Mercado de Liniers

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chef Dante Liporace is an alumnus of some of the world's most lauded kitchensm, including the legendary El Bullí, and now operates his own group of bars and restaurants back in Buenos Aires. Mercado de Liniers launched in March 2020 and has triumphed over Covid to make a major mark on the city's dining scene. The small but perfectly-formed restaurant sits right at the fine dining end of the spectrum, offering a selection of tasting menus where the influence of Liporace's mentor Ferran Adrià is evident. You'll want to bag a counter seat to watch the kitchen brigade at work, compiling elegant dishes like a snack of English Breakfast Onion (onion stock, frozen pâté cookie and a boletus mushroom bonbon) or a Cantonese twist on paella with warm oysters, fried and dehydrated baby corn and toffee.

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BKN, Gorriti 6012, Palermo, Buenos Aires, C1414 C1414BKN