Buenos Aires

Low-key, confident lunchtime spot


On the Pass

María Magdalena Piaggio

The casual ambience of this hidden-gem restaurant belies its refined cooking and top-notch service. Sat behind the elegant doors of the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, the sophisticated lunchtime spot has been serving up creative dishes since 1999, when visionary chef-restaurateur Guido Tassi opened it. Previously owned by Tassi with María Barrutia, it’s now in the capable hands of former sous-chef María Magdalena Piaggio.

With formative experience under Michel Bras (where she first met Tassi), Piaggio continues Restó’s adherence to the familiar, but elevated, flavours of Parisian cuisine. Highlights from a small, confident menu include the restaurant’s signature stuffed quail. Don’t skip dessert: the decadent chocolate fondant, inspired by Bras’ original, is a must-order.


Montevideo 938, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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