Reinterpretation of Egyptian classics overlooking pyramids


On the Pass

Mostafa Seif

Unparalleled location: Within the perimeter of the Giza Pyramid Complex and with an immediate and unobstructed view of the last remaining ancient wonder of the world, Khufu’s offers its guests a millennial take on a cuisine that stretches back millenia. 

The team: The Pier 88 group’s latest addition joins its older, eponymous eateries with the same attention to hospitality and culinary excellence. Executive chef Mostafa Seif has been given a platform from which to display his appreciation of his culinary roots and the rural cuisine of his upbringing.

Homegrown talent: Seif was brought up in the Cairo restaurant industry and gravitated towards highly technical preparations. Leveraging the experience gained from working in creative kitchens, he won Top Chef Arabia in 2017. This recognition reinforced a strong sense of national identity clearly evident in his menus, striving to explore new avenues without sacrificing tradition.

The full meal: On the weekends, the restaurant is especially popular with the local glitterati, offering thoughtful renditions of a classic rural Egyptian breakfast. The lunch and dinner menus contemplate iconic Egyptian dishes with updated techniques and flavours. A well-appointed bar caters to almost every whim with an extensive cocktail menu designed to pair with the dishes on offer.

Something for everyone: Cognisant of the importance of veganism and vegetarianism in Egyptian coptic culture, a dedicated vegetarian menu is on offer, alongside three other rotating menus. Of particular note are the pulled beef qatayef and the sayadeya rice, providing international diners with a faithful introduction to the Egyptian kitchen.


X4HF+8P, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 12512, Egypt

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