Trèsind Studio

Trèsind Studio

On the Pass

Himanshu Saini

Pastry Chef

Love Gupta

On the pass: Learning his trade at lauded New Delhi dining institution Indian Accent before moving to Dubai, chef Himanshu Saini has become the standard bearer of modern Indian gastronomy in the UAE. After opening Trèsind in 2014 and the fantastically experimental and highly conceptual Trèsind Studio in 2018, both to critical acclaim, he has quickly gained a reputation as one of India’s hottest culinary exports.

What’s on the menu? Titled ‘Tasting India’, the tasting menu is split into four collections of dishes that explore the country’s north, south, east and west. Navigating the western side finds you eating an iridescent blossom chaat with pumpkin mash and tempered yoghurt, while a trip down south will land you at a plate of ghee-roasted crab with burnt cinnamon and a curry leaf crisp.

Expect the unexpected: Dining at Trèsind Studio can be a wholly theatrical experience. As you progress through the tasting menu, expect to be relocated to different areas of the restaurant, each carefully curated to match the plates in front of you. With just 20 seats available, its already intimate experience may be rapidly dialled up as the dining room plunges into darkness for a course or two.

Putting the diner first: Taking inspiration from the popular Indian phrase “atithi devo bhava”, directly translated as “the guest is god”, astute hospitality lies at the core of Trèsind Studio’s operation. Every service executed by its accomplished team is a masterclass, as they expertly manoeuvre in tandem with each meal's ever-changing scenery and ambience with relative ease.