Andoni Luis Aduriz & Homaro Cantu - special event in Chicago

Luciana Bianchi - 11/03/2014

Chefs Cantu and Aduriz live distant from each other but nevertheless have strong connections in their work and philosophy. Both chefs are avid researchers, work in partnership with scientists, designers, artists and believe that gastronomy goes beyond just food. Their interest in sustainable methods, technology and localism promotes dialogues and external collaboration with various sectors of the society, opening new doors to gastronomy.

Moto Restaurant 
is located in Chicago’s trendy Fulton Market district. Moto is a leader in the zero food mile gastronomy movement and offers guests an interactive, futuristic and overall exploratory dining experience led by Executive Chef, Richie Farina, and Executive Pastry Chef, Claire Crenshaw.

The second house of chef Cantu, iNG, also located in Fulton Market District, is based on a research project focused exclusively on one product – the Miracle Berry. The organic, all-natural berry contains a special protein that temporarily binds taste receptors. This process alters one's ability to taste sour, spicy, salty and bitter flavors shortly after consumption, significantly reducing the need for refined sugar, and all processed and artificial sugars. The menu at iNG changes at each season, with Executive Chef Tim Havidic and his team producing surreal dishes with the latest Salvador Dali-themed tasting menu to flavour-punched cocktails, best served alongside a Miracle Berry.

Mugaritz is the headquarters of chef Andoni Luiz Aduriz and his team of young and talented chefs - all with an inquisitive and artistic mind. It is a restaurant that has inspired chefs all over the world, and many of the researches, techniques and conceptual dishes created by Aduriz have a huge impact in the restaurant scene worldwide. Mugaritz is a Mecca for gastronomy, located near San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. A dinner at Mugaritz, Moto and iNG encompasses unique sensory experiences, in which guests experience ‘food for thought’ without boundaries, discovering new dimensions of flavours, textures and emotions. The friendship between Moto & Mugaritz will be celebrated this month with two events at Moto and iNG restaurants in Chicago.

" Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of MOTO, we are going to prepare some dishes in Chicago that we cooked together with Homaro's and his team at  during their last visit to Mugaritz in January. 
Homaro Cantu is one of the most restless and inquisitive chefs in the US, and to be invited to visit his house in Chicago is a privilege for us". Andoni Luis Aduriz.

The second restaurant of chef Cantu – iNG - will host an open talk between Aduriz and guests on 16th March at 11am, followed by a book signing session at Mugaritz – a Natural Science of Cooking.

Moto and iNG are excited to host Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz during a Q&A lunch and dinner series in March that will be unforgettable. In honor of Chef Andoni's upcoming visit, we invite our guests to meet and experience one of the world’s culinary trailblazers.”

Homaro Cantu Tickets for this event are available online at On Monday, 17th March, Cantu & Aduriz will meet at Moto restaurant for a four hands 10-course dinner celebrating the friendship between both houses.

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