IDENTITÀ LONDON - top Italian Chefs and new exciting location

Luciana Bianchi - 11/10/2011

IDENTITÀ LONDON returns with an exciting new location, presenting 6 of Italy’s greatest chefs, on Tuesday 18th October 2011 at the Town Hall Hotel, home of Viajante, the restaurant from chef Nuno Mendes. The one-day only event will be devoted to Italian gastronomy, delivering the latest news and showcasing a selection of Italian artisan producers. IDENTITÀ LONDON 2011 will highlight the best of contemporary Italian cuisine by demonstrating and sharing the work of six of Italy’s finest chefs to the UK audience - culminating with an evening Gala Dinner created by the starring chefs. The cookery shows will take place in the De Montfort Suite at the Town Hall Hotel –which has been designed around the original Edwardian Council Chamber. Chosen by Identita London specifically for its unique design features, the large room boasts triple height ceilings with large arched and stained glass windows. The magnificent De Montfort suite takes full advantage of the architecture and original features such as the Arms of the De Montfort family, after whom rooms, suites and apartments of the building are named. Several other luxury suites will be allocated to the main sponsors and partners of Identita who will each offer unique events tastes and flavours of Italy. Founder and Italian food editor, Paolo Marchisays:

“Throughout the world, there is a great love for Italian quality, for Italian produce and Italian cuisine. It is embraced in all countries from restaurants to supermarkets. However, I do not know of another cuisine style that has been so misrepresented and I feel that the true energy of what is Italian gastronomy today is missing.” He continues, “It is no longer time to be satisfied with generic food, which is allegedly Italian. Repeating stereotypes, which by now belong to other periods of time and certainly not to Italy today". Identita London therefore, shall endeavour to explain the fundamental principles of today’s Italian cuisine. Using the extraordinary and almost inexhaustible resources of regional cuisines, interpreted in a contemporary way, chefs will demonstrate their craft, their thoughts and experiences to showcase their personal evolution of Italian gastronomy side by side with like-minded producers”.
Identita London places are limited so early reservations are encouraged. Please advise as soon as possible for full or half day allocation.

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Luciana Bianchi is chef de cuisine and food writer, works as International Editor correspondent for the Brazilian gourmet magazine,Prazeres da Mesa, and contributes to several publications around the world.
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