Kobe Desramaults at The Loft Project

Luciana Bianchi - 24/02/2011

Only a few weeks before the Flemish Primitives,The Loft Project brings a special guest to London:

the avant-garde chef Kobe Desramaults, from restaurant 'In de Wulf'.

Kobe's cuisine is innovative and full of surprises, inspired by his surroundings and love for nature. He has been tutored by some of the world’s best contemporary chefs, including Sergio Herman and Carles Abellán.

‘In de Wulf’ is located in an idyllic place in Dranouter, Belgium, making the whole dining experience unique and profound. It is surrounded by farmland producing the best products of the region. He has established a close relationship with the local farmers and this allows Kobe to get the produce he wishes, often very special and certainly distinctive from what is available in the markets.

This means that ‘In de Wulf’ is a restaurant that is extremely conscious of its surroundings. Foraging is important of course, but its philosophy extends to limiting waste and glorifying produce that often is overlooked, such as root vegetables and cheaper cuts of meat. ‘In de Wulf’ uses this cheaper produce in the belief that the greatest challenge is to make something exceptional out of the mundane.

For Kobe, the use of humble produce represents the future for high end restaurants as guidelines get more ambiguous and clients become more conscious of the need for self-sustainability in restaurants.

Kobe Desramaults will be at The Loft on the 7th March

A few places still available!!!

Reservations at:

+44 (0) 7958 807 339


by Nuno Mendes & Clarise Faria


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